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Top 5 Super Bowl LII Ads

Top 5 Super Bowl LII Ads

Well, another Super Bowl is in the books. Finally the pre-game stuff ended, and we could all move on to the main event - the commercials! Come on, you know there were people at your party who know less about football than a Jeopardy contestant. They just came for the food, close-ups of Tom Brady, and of course those mega-million dollar ads. Per the norm, there were plenty with elaborate plots and over-the-top outlandishness, but how many times did you laugh, yet not have any recollection of the actual advertiser or what they were trying to say? Us marketers are a weird bunch. Call us crazy, but our top picks not only had the hoopla, but also had a key component to any successful ad - a message!

1. Budweiser - Stand By You

While the funny ads tend to be the crowd favorites, sometimes one that pulls on your heart-strings breaks through the bunch - and it's often from Budweiser. With all the natural disasters and turmoil going on around us, this one was timely and left you feeling good about, yes, a beer company. The fact that it really happened is the icing on the cake.

2. Avocados from Mexico - Bubble Dome Riot

This one is hilarious on so many levels - the idea that Chris Elliott is a part of anyone's utopia, for starters. Even better? Amidst all the funny rioting scenes, the message comes shining through - You can use avocados for more than just chips and guac!

3. Sprint - Do the Math and Switch

The battle of the phone services has become quite a bore, but this ad rose to the occasion and made us laugh right along with the robots. Smart choice, Sprint.

4. Pepsi - This is the Pepsi

Sorry Coke, but Pepsi won this round. This blast from the past aimed to bridge a generational gap, but also seemed to be an indirect slam against Coke, reinforcing that Pepsi has never changed it's formula - why mess with what's been loved for years, right? 

5. Michelob Ultra - I Like Beer

Even those who don't like beer had to like this one. The montage of athletes staying fit but admitting they still like to drink beer gets the point across - Michelob Ultra is light enough to not have to choose between staying fit and enjoying a cold one. Besides, it had Chris Pratt in it, and who doesn't love Chris?

Honorable Mentions

While they didn't make our top five, there are a few close contenders worth mentioning... 

1. Jeep - Anti-Manifesto

Somtimes pictures do speak louder than words.

 2. Universal Studios - Vacation Quarterback

And you thought Peyton Manning was done appearing in the SuperBowl. This spot was a good use of the legendary quarterback, as opposed to helping to write insurance jingles, just sayin'.

3. Rocket Mortgage - Simplify

A simple message about simplifyng. If only Keegan-Michael Key could explain how Nick Foles could go from backup quarterback to Super Bowl MVP - Wow!

Love Morgan Freeman, but what was the point? Love "dilly, dilly," but it's run its course. Want to know how to keep cranking out good marketing that has a message and doesn't get old? Learn more about our inbound ways by downloading our free ebook. You might not have a Super Bowl budget, but you will get more bang for your buck!

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