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Revel Welcomes Paul Kessler as Our Account Services Manager and Strategist

Revel Welcomes Paul Kessler as Our Account Services Manager and Strategist

Back in April, we began the search for our first Account Services Manager and Strategist position. This individual would help grow our top line and provide sound strategies to influence our customers’ success, as well as ours. Equally important, we wanted to be sure that whoever filled this position was the perfect fit for our fine-tuned team.

Fast forward a few months. We’re pleased to announce that we found our guy. The Revel team welcomes Paul Kessler as our new Account Services Manager and Strategist! He will be leading the Accounts, Strategy, Content, and Marketing teams at Revel.

His responsibilities include mentoring the Accounts team, providing sales training, fostering professional development, assisting our account managers with new business development, and making sure clients are meeting their marketing goals through rigorous research and sound strategy.


Paul graduated from Central Michigan University with a master’s degree in business management. Before joining Revel, Paul held management positions in sales, marketing, new business development and operations for large and small manufacturers. Add his global experience, and Paul brings a unique perspective to the effective use of marketing by the manufacturing sector.

Now our lead strategist, Paul has experience working with the manufacturing sector and the agency world to develop new markets for large corporations, providing insight into how to best attract target audiences.

Paul’s enthusiasm is infectious. He thrives on creativity and client-focused relationships. He also possesses a wealth of manufacturing, marketing, and sales knowledge with a proven track record for delivering results. He’s demonstrated success as a Director of Sales, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director, and General Manager throughout his career.

We are excited to have Paul on our team, and we are confident that he will help take our agency to the next level. If you’re ready to develop a stronger marketing strategy and generate more leads, reach out to Paul at paul@revel.in or (616) 566-5407.

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