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Revel and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company Join Forces to Brand Historic Regatta Finish Party at the Muskegon Yacht Club

Revel and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company Join Forces to Brand Historic Regatta Finish Party at the Muskegon Yacht Club

Revel and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company team up to brand Queen’s Cup regatta finish party.

Muskegon-based marketing firm Revel and craft brewery Pigeon Hill Brewing Company are proud to announce their partnership in branding the highly anticipated Queen’s Cup regatta finish party at the Muskegon Yacht Club on Muskegon Lake, naming it “Reach to the Beach.” This collaboration aims to create a memorable experience for attendees while showcasing the rich history and vibrant spirit of Muskegon, Michigan. 

The regatta finish party, set to take place on July 1, will mark a significant milestone in the city's sailing heritage, bringing together sailors, enthusiasts, and community members for an unforgettable celebration. Revel and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company will leverage their expertise to enhance the event's branding, atmosphere, and overall experience with the event-exclusive beer “Reach to the Beach, Please” summer ale.

With Revel's proven track record in marketing, their collaboration with Pigeon Hill Brewing Company elevates the regatta finish party to new heights. Revel contributed its strategic insights and creative expertise to create a cohesive brand identity that captures the essence of the event. They have curated an immersive experience that reflects Muskegon's rich maritime heritage while infusing elements of excitement and modernity.

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, a local and statewide staple in the craft brewing industry, lends its unique touch to the event. Attendees can get their hands on the limited-edition cans of “Reach to the Beach, Please” summer ale, designed to embody the excitement and energy of the event through the creativity and craftsmanship for which Pigeon Hill is known. With their extensive experience in brewing and creating memorable drinking experiences, Pigeon Hill Brewing Company is poised to delight guests with this special brew that anchors the theme of the event.

"Our partnership with Pigeon Hill for the Queen’s Cup finish party is one I am incredibly excited about, " said Vice President of Account Services at Revel, Sarah Powers. “Not only are we bringing two fundamental Muskegon businesses together in a really unique way, but the brand is totally unique in the sailing community. I’m excited to see the impact this brand will have, and I’m excited about what else Revel may create with Pigeon Hill in the future.” 

"Pigeon Hill Brewing Company is excited to be able to provide something special for the regatta finish party at the Muskegon Yacht Club," added graphic designer at Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, Derek Dile. "This is my first collaboration with Revel, and it has gone just about as smoothly as possible in my opinion. It feels good to be able to put some of my own creativity into an event like this. Perhaps more importantly, though, building stronger relationships between downtown Muskegon businesses is always a good thing. Community is arguably the most important thing to the identity of Pigeon Hill, along with great beer. So, we love collaborations like this that build up the network of downtown connections.” 

The regatta finish party is open to the public and will feature live entertainment by Kindred and Sweet Justice, delicious food and drinks, trivia games, prizes, and an atmosphere that celebrates the sailing culture that has been an integral part of Muskegon for decades. Revel and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company's collaboration promises to deliver an exceptional event that will captivate attendees and contribute to the ongoing growth and promotion of the Muskegon community.

For more information about the regatta finish party and the partnership between Revel and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, please visit queenscupfinish.com.


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