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Is Your Company Newsletter a Snooze Letter?

Is Your Company Newsletter a Snooze Letter?

How valuable is email marketing in attracting and retaining customers? Well, consider this: by 2020 it’s expected the number of email users will reach 3 billion, and currently, people are twice as likely to sign up for your email list as they are to interact with you on Facebook - holy opportunity Batman!

With that in mind, one great way to take advantage of email marketing’s super-powered potential is by sending out a company newsletter. Not so fast, though - there’s more to it than simply making announcements and throwing some company news together.  

While company updates are nice, achieving high open rates and click through rates is even nicer! Want your readers to actually read your enews and take some action from it? Well then it’s important to not only offer reports of what’s going on in the company, but also provide relevant and action-worthy content that interests readers enough to keep them from moving on to something else.

Here’s how to make sure your newsletter doesn’t become a snooze letter and instead, provides you with the open and click through rates of your dreams:

  • Link to blogs on your website your audience might find useful. You can even write blogs specifically for your newsletter.
  • Invite readers to check out your social media accounts.
  • Promote special events and offers. Even better -- make those promotions exclusive to subscribers!
  • Keep your newsletter brief. It should supply valuable info, but leave readers wanting to know more.
  • Include photos or graphics (but don’t go overboard)! Images are effective, but use too many, and things can get cluttered and overwhelming.
  • Incorporate elements like surveys, case studies, and FAQs that relate directly to your audience.
  • Don’t forget calls-to-action! Whether it’s downloading an ebook, helpful guide, discount coupon, or checklist, give readers good reason to click!
  • Be personable! Use a conversational voice that makes readers feel you are talking to each of them directly.  

Bottom line? Whether you’re putting out a newsletter announcing a new product, location, or employee, or sharing any other company news, make sure to think outside the office walls and incorporate some of the other elements above. Oh, and go ahead and experiment if you want -- that’s actually a best practice of email marketing!

For help with your company newsletter or email marketing of any kind, just give us a call! You can reach our Muskegon, MI office by dialing 231-727-9778. You can also download our email marketing guide right here. What can we say? We love to help!

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