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How to Make Employees Miserable and Want to Leave

How to Make Employees Miserable and Want to Leave

Employee satisfaction is a big deal. It’s what makes your staff members want to come in every morning and be awesome at their jobs. When employees are happy, they’re more productive, stick around, and even promote your business to other potential employees - bonus!

Of course, attracting and retaining employees is a lot harder than it seems. In fact, it’s much easier to repel them and make them want to head for the door! Here are the top ways to make your employees miserable. Take note so you avoid these pitfalls, not to mention the resulting litany of new hires, re-training sessions, and a less than stellar reputation.

1. Provide a poor working environment.

Uncomfortable chairs - check. No flexibility - check. Shrewd manager - check. Complicated processes, non-competitive salaries, poor perks and bad benefits -  all these things add up to an underwhelming work experience - woo-hoo! 

2. Ignore good work.

If someone’s putting in extra time and energy, and doing a top-notch job that’s bringing in money, his or her own satisfaction of a job well done should be enough, right? Why should you reward such behavior? You wouldn’t want others to have an incentive to work hard as well.

3. Don’t involve anyone in anything.

Just ask that employees show up and do their jobs, otherwise they might become engaged and offer ideas and suggestions that could add to your company’s success. A sense of ownership is overrated, don’t you think?

4. Forget about offering training and development programs.

These tend to reinforce employee value and help present a foreseeable future with your company. Not important, right?

5. Don’t bother evaluating things.

Let’s face it, surveys, interviews, evaluations of people and processes - all these things you need to measure progress - they take too much time. Better to just not worry about what’s working and what’s not. 

Yeah, right. Want employees who stay happy and on your payroll? Do the opposite of everything we just listed above! Trust us - we know a thing or two about happy.

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