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How to Increase Internet Traffic: 5 Reasons to Start a Blog

How to Increase Internet Traffic: 5 Reasons to Start a Blog

Blogging has become an essential tool for any company that wants to jump-start their digital marketing strategy. In fact, it's almost impossible to run a quality content marketing campaign without a regularly updated blog. So, if you're interested in increasing internet traffic via Google's estimated 100 billion monthly searches, then consider these five reasons to start blogging.

1. It keeps your business relevant and resourceful

Have you ever visited a website and grew concerned that the company wasn't taking care of it? Users notice when a website hasn't been updated. A regularly updated blog ensures that you have a steady stream of fresh, new content for your customers. Not only does this look good to your potential clients, but regular posting also gives your SEO a boost. Marketing agencies around the world use blogs to target specific keywords, sending positive relevancy signals to the search engines that include Google, Bing, Ask.com and more. Blogging will elevate your website up on key SERPs (search engine results pages), driving new leads to your business's website. 

2. You can optimize for long tail keywords

Instead of cluttering your website's core pages with awkward and often lengthy keywords, an informative blog creates new pages that focus on long tail keywords. Keyword research allows you to identify long tail keyword searches like "marketing agency Grand Rapids." These searches tend to have lower overall search volume which makes it easier to rank on the SERP.  If you’re consistent and deliver relevant content using these keywords, the results will add up to more traffic leading to conversions. People rarely type in complete sentences when they search for services and products online, yet they expect to see natural language on landing pages. On your blog, you can insert the keywords you can't fit anywhere else.

Of course, knowing which keywords to target in the first place is critical, and researching historic customer search queries should be the foundation of your SEO content strategy. Contact marketing agencies near you for assistance choosing strong keywords that signal purchase intent.

3. You can post shareable content

No matter how many social buttons you place on your website, few visitors will want to share your homepage. Luckily for you, they're far more likely to post a blog with an interesting title and useful information. The top marketing agencies realize that these shareable posts are what drive internet traffic and get your business noticed through multiple mediums.  Not every blog post will resonate with your current user traffic or get indexed on the first page of the search engines. However, when you’re consistent with your content marketing the likelihood increases.

And speaking of social…

4. They can be tied into social media

Almost every business now utilizes social media to connect with their customers. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat have become a necessity to stir up interest in new ad campaigns, seasonal deals, and other company events. Try linking your online blog to your social media account. This way, you can be found through multiple sources when someone searches for your website. It’s perfectly fine to post the same blog to multiple social channels, you won’t be penalized for duplicate content.

5. They create backlinking opportunities

Building relationships with other companies and websites is a great way to get your product or offering visible. While working with competitors would normally have been unthinkable in the old media world, success online is all about forging connections with other websites through link building. When you need to connect with other companies, bloggers, and organizations, your blog will be an excellent tool. In fact, many companies make their blog the backbone of their backlinking strategy. To avoid repercussions from big search engines, it's important to consult reliable marketing agencies before entering the high-stakes world of link building.

SEO-optimized blogs are one of the best ways to generate higher internet traffic for your website. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, consider contacting marketing agencies like Revel to get the experience and results you deserve.

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