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Care about Your Content (Video)

Care about Your Content (Video)

Marketing is all about communicating. Communicating is all about having a message. Getting your message to your audience drives sales. Sales is the reason you do marketing. And we’ve come full circle.

So why do so many people forget about content?

Too often, everything is focused on the design leaving content out of the equation until the end. While design is extremely important, without good content it ends up like the movie Avatar - visually stunning, but lacking substance (I mean come on that was just Pocahontas with blue people, am I right?).

You wouldn’t go into at a meeting with nothing to say, would you?

Revel - Hipster Ipsum from Revel on Vimeo.

Our challenge to you is this - The next time you’re doing a marketing project, start with the content and go from there.

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