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8 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Marketing

8 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Marketing

We’ve all been there: eyes glued to the screen, scrolling for hours while pinning endless amounts of food we’ll never cook or crafts we’ll never fully finish. Pinterest is useful for other reasons besides procrastinating from finishing up that presentation; it can make a big difference when marketing your business.

Here’s 8 reasons why you should join in on the social madness.

1. Pinterest turns browsers into buyers.

Anyone who goes on Pinterest is bound to spend 2+ hours scanning random pins and favoriting things they don’t need. However, all of this browsing turns into marketing as soon as they linger for more than 30 seconds on your perfectly designed boards. Statistics show that 88% of people purchase what they’ve pinned. Whether it’s a restaurant, local shop, or sports arena, Pinterest has a way of luring in viewers and making them occupants.

2. Pinterest boards get picked up through Google search.

If you start typing “cutest puppies ever” into Google, you’ll notice one of the first pictures that pops up links directly to Pinterest - trust me, I tried it. Naming a Pinterest board with a popular Google search phrase may earn you better luck. Use simple language and create boards with keywords in the title. Some of the most popular words used throughout Pinterest include recipe, DIY, create, places, style, quotes, design, inspiration, and a million others that you’ll have to see for yourself.

3. Pinterest knows how to engage users.

Known fact: Pinterest is highly addictive. It’s hard not to share random stuff while searching through the infinite amount of pins. This is a good sign for businesses and retailers, because it means your pins are more likely to be seen, touched, or better yet, go viral. The main reason for such high engagement is that it’s so easy to retain information on Pinterest merely because everything is visual.

4. Pinterest integrates all social media.

Share your pins and boards on all forms of social media. It’ll automatically give you more of an advantage to get yourself out there and make your brand known. Tweet, post, or snap a picture of your pin and share it on other online networks where they’re relevant. This increases your chances of others stumbling upon you while giving your business the opportunity to rack up followers. Embed pins onto your website or blogs. Odds are you’ll get a bigger number of people passing your information through the tech world.

5. Pinterest will expose you to people beyond your followers.

Pinterest has public category boards, which means that your pin has a chance of going onto one these boards, exposing you to new people other than your followers. It’s important you’re posting relevant pictures and information that will encourage others to dive more into your page. Before the Pinterest days, the saying was “Word travels fast.” Now it’s more like “Pins travel fast.” When one follower repins your board, it means their followers will see it and so on. Publicly exposing your boards will allow others to find and explore who you are and what you have to offer.

6. Pinterest lays out everything your audience loves.

Pinterest is the greatest tool to discover new tricks and trends - and some of the most tasty meals with pictures to prove it. Most businesses spend copious amounts of time defining their target audience and figuring out what they enjoy. Pinterest makes it easy. You can follow your followers to see what inspires them. This gives you an opportunity to understand what’s “in” and use that information to position your own offers and products.

7. Pinterest is a community.

Pinterest is all about community. Whether it means following boards and users, or contributing to shared boards, Pinterest offers both a creative outlet and a way for people to interact with what they want to do, make, and buy, along with other users similar to them. Pinterest boards aren’t always just lists; they’re people’s dreams and aspirations. Having your brand engage in a meaningful way is what will drive active users straight to you.

8. If that isn’t enough, the stats say it all…

If you’re new to Pinterest or are curious as to how addicting it really is, open a new tab and see for yourself. Otherwise, here are some statistics to prove the hype.


  • Valued at $11 billion
  • 176 million registered Pinterest users
  • 79% are female
  • 64% try a Pinterest-inspired activity monthly
  • 66% of pinners use Pinterest to save things that inspire them
  • 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on mobile
  • 80% of pins are repins
  • 2.5 billion page views per month
  • 70% of users are there for shopping inspiration

Pinterest is the fastest growing website by overall member growth, meaning it’s one of the best places to market basically anything.

If you or your business are trying to get more active in digital marketing, give Pinterest a shot. After all, you’re in it to pin it, right?

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